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Our Family

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Road to the Boulder Boulder

So I have joined forces with a friend and we are going to attempt the Boulder Boulder in May. My plan is to run the full 6 miles, but it will require a lot of training and effort. I have joined a gym to get me running more. I am going to use my blog to keep myself motivated. My plan is to gain a mile each month starting February and ending May.

March 2010
So February went off well, I spent it keeping up the good work running 3x a week. I enjoy the gym and the relaxing time by myself. Tomorrow is the first day of March and I want to increase my milage. I also need to increase my incline so I can prepare myself for the hill in Boulder. I hope I can get it done.
January 2010
Week 1-2 (Goal 2 miles)
Day 1-So after learning how to work the treadmill I was off and running. My hubby bought me a nice new Ipod for Christmas so I can listen to music while running. The gym does have tv that I can tune my radio to listen to the tv. I find myself watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire and the time is passing by faster. This is nice to have this time to myself and be warm inside vs running outside in the bitter cold in the early morning with the dog poop. This gym has a place to take the kids so I no longer have a excuse to not come. Getting back into the swing of things is harder then I expected. I did manage 2.1 miles.
Day 2-I have been meeting a friend in the mornings to workout and run. She has gotten me into doing the weights and the machines. I was so sore the following day in my stomach and arms. Been awhile since I worked out. So I am combining running first then weights. 17 years out of high school and still can't do chin ups, even using a machine that will hold me, so pathetic. I guess my strength is still in my thighs and legs. These weak arms are good for carrying kids, but apparently not pulling my dead weight. Maybe is a few weeks, ha ha.
Day 3-Let me ask this question, why is it that people is less better shape seem to last longer then me. I know I am not in perfect shape, but come on surely I can run longer then the 90 year old guy on oxygen next to me. I think he is walking faster then I am running. It is so frustrating. I have found I have to run before I workout with my friend or I end up talking to her more. I also need to make a running mix for my Ipod. When the songs go from fast to slow I find myself slowing down and losing motivation. Still leaning how to use the machines, have not done the chin up since my last failed attempt way too embarrassing. I did try the elliptical machine today. Fun and hard. So now I am going to try in one hour to do running, free weights, weight machine and elliptical. Maybe I will increase my days coming. Still doing roughly 2 miles. Got a month to get in that next mile.
Week 2(Goal 2 miles)
Day 1
So after a few days off from a nasty cold from kids I am getting back into the groove. I tried something new this morning. Cardio alone. Missed the treadmill, late to gym limited time before I have to be home. I did the elliptical for 22 minutes and the bike for 15. It is so nice to have my friend Shannon there. Gossiping makes the time go by so much faster. She pushes me to go longer and try harder. We have decided to do cardio at least one-two days/week and weights the other. I am going to try to run alone 3x/week. I really need to build up my endurance. Legs will be sore but I am loving it. I hope I can work my workouts to when I don't have to use the day care daily. It can get a bit expensive.
Week 3
Day 1
Okay so I forgot to post last week. Ran three days last week. Today I did 3.12 miles and feel great, right now that is. I will see how I feel later. I did almost fall off the treadmill as I was watching tv and went to the side to close. While running I had to laugh, why is it the people will look for the closest parking spot and wait for one to go and workout. The irony there. Me I like to park farther away. It's not like that extra 5 feet is that far. It is the same when people get out of their cars to move shopping carts out of a parking spot to be what maybe 3 cars closer to the door. Wouldn't take less time to walk the extra steps then to get out move carts, get back in, etc. I think we as a society have become lazier. Oh well I did my run today and don't want to conform.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Life in Our House

Sunday, February 28

So life in the Donnelly house seems to continue to be busy. Teddy has been sick with a horrible cough, and Jack seems to be falling apart everywhere. He has somehow injured his arm and tonight he ran into the hinge on the door and hurt his knee. He may have inherited my ability to find anything that can injure me. Today has been extremly frustrating, our laptop had crashed and we called HP to get help to fix it and they did not have us backup our drive. All my pics are gone and the only other backup of them was on my external and it seems to not be running either. So I have spent the day trying to figure out a way to get them back. Lesson here, backup all your digital via the web. Aside from the picture problem, the kids are naughty and normal.

Wednesday, January 27

Day two of sick kid. Fever gone, but no you cannot play the wii if you are too sick to go to school. This has been such a bad season for germs. We have been lucky enough to not get everything in the past, but this year it seems we are getting everything. Hey parents, it is not nice to send your kids to school if they are sick and no giving them meds to get mask the fever does not mean they are better. By the way thanks!

Monday, February 1

Cold still holding on to cold. Working on Potty training. Child just smashed crackers into chair and floor then progressed to dump crayons all over. Seems like a good time for a nap. Welcome to my February.

Friday, January 16, 2015

It has been many years since my last post. I plan to get this damnblog going again. This is a huge year for me. My oldest is starting high school. And I am turning 40! So keep up withme.